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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Debts of emotion

His eyes was filled when he said `good bye´to me at the New Delhi Railway Station. I don´t even remember his name, though we had a lot of conversation in this train journey from Kerala to New Delhi. We met in this 2 days train journey and he always lead the conversations among the co passengers. When he said, that we could meet some times in some journeys like this, his eyes were filled. Though, I was not touched by his emotion, I kept thinking of the that human feeling that filled his eyes. Could it be the tears of satisfaction on the fulfilment of his Karma? What ever it is , I always wonder, what make us smile at a stranger with thinking so much of the consequences,what makes us suffer when we see someone suffer without thinking, they don´t belong to us? …..Is it just a human instinct? Which part brain does that? Is that a reflex?

I always wondered in these questions and never got a convincing answer. But, it seems easy to accept it was just a karmic debt. An emotional debt that we owed that person for whom we suffered, to a stranger whom we smiled at. Life seems like a journey where we pay off our debts of emotions. We might be creating some debts too, but its better to believe that we pay off them, because in the end we will have an empty hand. I am sure that joy can make our eyes filled, just like that soldier I
met on the train.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Finding Joy

We all want to be happy in our life. We plan, hope and does things to make us happy. Did we ever realized that it is only and emotion just like sadness, fear, doubt etc. It is not constant. Even when we know it will not stay long, why we look for happiness? Why can´t we find joy?
What  is the difference between Joy and Happiness?
We can see a clear difference between joy and happiness but it is very difficult to see from where joy comes. Joy is a feeling which stays constant and instead of becoming aware of it we just feel it. But happiness is an emotion which you are aware and sure that it will come to an end at a point of time. Here we can see that happiness is created in our minds while joy is coming from the consciousness. If possession or presence of  materiality makes you happiness, satisfaction you get from material possession or a spiritual experience can bring joy in us.
Joy is so far superior to happiness and in our deep consciousness we are looking for this joy. As long as we stay attached to the material pleasure it is difficult to find the joy and even if you find it by material possession it will not stay longer. Strengthening our consciousness is the best way to find the joy. As we close our eyes and see what our mind is doing, we can see what we are thinking, because the consciousness can see what we think. See what we experience with our body, see what if we analyse these experience. Slowly we will be an observer of our own feelings and thoughts. That is the point we become more closer to our consciousness . Let that be the first step to find the joy in us. 

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happiness and Sadness.....

What make us sad or worried? We have enough reasons to be sad or worried. As we look into ourselves physically or towards our life, we will always find reasons for our grievances. Most of us  are never satisfied with we have or what we are(physically, monetarily or socially ). But what is happening in real? Are we looking at ourselves in a positive way or we are comparing ourselves with others?
Certainly, we are not looking at ourselves in a motivating way. Yes, we are comparing ourselves with others  and finding what we don't have in comparison with others. There lies the real unsatisfied mind and our worries.
For instance, if we would had only one hand since our birth, we would have been really sad or worried about it the life.( Of course there are so many inspiring people, who over came their physical disabilities ). So, what if, all the humans were one handed ? Then it would had never a reason for our sadness. We surely would have accepted that.
So, there is no point in wasting our time and energy for thinking what we don't have or what we miss , compared to others. If we are looking for happiness and satisfaction, then understand it is a state of mind that we agree upon. It is an attitude.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Tantra- A misrepresented fact

'Tantra' the most misrepresented and misused word. What is Tantra? It is an universal science, which is the part of vedas, that deals with the transition of human nature from the present level of evolution and understanding to a transcendental level of knowledge. There are 64 tantric texts. The word Tantra is derived from the combination of two words, "tanoti" which means to expand and "trayate" means to liberate. Tantra put forward a concept and discipline which enables the follower to perceive the world without any perception. It has a set of rules for ritual worships, discipline and meditation techniques for the attainment of supernatural powers. People used to and still connect Sex with Tantra.Often, the term Tantra was misused for their personal benefits by exploiting the ignorant world. Certainly, Tantra is considering sex, but at the same time, it won't make you the slave of your desire but it helps to master it. It refers, that the sexual energy can be used for the transcendental purpose. "Maithuna" fusion of male and female energies is of the five 'makaras ' dealt in Tantric philosophy (Makaras- actions or sadanas starts with the M sound).So next time when you come across the sound Tantra, remember it has to be something that expands your awareness and liberate your consciousness from the clutches of your own ego........